We’re about to see the largest transformation in human history. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) are set to disrupt enterprise across nearly every aspect of modern life, including healthcare, retail, marketing, manufacturing, engineering and education. As we look to the 2020s, we believe that XR unlocks human potential by enabling us to have superpowers, and enterprise is the catalyst for this transformation.

According to IDC, enterprise expenditure on XR is overtaking consumer spending and is set to reach triple the level of consumer usage by 2023, reaching $121 billion. The hype cycle is over, the technology has matured, and global businesses are ready to embrace new realities.

This is a huge opportunity, but whenever we meet incredible startups, we see the same challenges over and over. While many XR startups have built innovative solutions, they’re often missing essential pieces – go-to-market strategy, customer journeys, social media strategy, employee/client contracts, vesting schedules, cap tables, and public relations – resulting in costly failures.

When we meet corporate clients, we see different challenges. Slow procurement policies stifle innovation. Fears that startup solutions won’t scale or worse, won’t stay in business. The challenge of a globally scaled organization trying to stay fast and nimble.

Today we’re excited to introduce XR Ignite, a new type of accelerator designed to prepare high-growth B2B XR companies to be ready to do business with large enterprises to solve some of the most important business challenges. As part of this endeavour, we have assembled some of the most incredible people in the industry to be mentors, advisors and coaches to make our portfolio companies successful fast.


If you are an XR startup company and you want to get connected with enterprise clients from around the world, click here to apply for the XR Ignite Community Hub and/or Hyper-Accelerator. Companies will be selected by our selection committee based on a number of factors outlined in our FAQ page.

XR Ignite Community Hub

This is a members-only community platform with the benefits outlined below, with a minimal level of commitment required.

  • Access to proprietary reports and research and analysis
  • Industry introductions
  • A network of like-minded businesses
  • Discount on VR/AR Association Membership, events and XR conferences

XR Ignite Hyper-Accelerator

Self-Funded or Seed-Funded startups. We invest up to $100K + full access to the XR Ignite Hyper-Accelerator in exchange for equity and sales royalty. This option is for funded startups that want to leverage the power of the Hyper-Accelerator and network. You invest to take part in the three-month XR Ignite program. You will have access to our mentor network and corporate introductions.

  • Up to $100K investment
  • Guaranteed one enterprise sale
  • Invitations to VIP events at VR/AR conferences, etc.
  • Access to proprietary insider reports and research
  • Access to private events, workshops, webinars
  • Access to leading mentors
  • Discount on VR/AR Association Membership, Events & XR Conferences
  • Access to XR for Business & XR for Education


If you are a business looking to leverage the power of virtual, augmented and mixed reality (XR) in your company, sign up for our weekly newsletter covering all things XR For Business. Working with XR Ignite will give you early access to work with startups in the XR Ignite program, as well as a professionally managed R&D and prototyping team to consult, strategize and rapidly iterate.

Submit your use cases or pain points and we will match you with a professionally vetted company that can solve them within your budget.

Interested in transforming your business using XR technology, let us understand more about what you need. Schedule a free consultation with one of our industry experts.

Some of the benefits of working with XR Ignite include:

  • Brand visibility as a leader in the XR ecosystem
  • Access to startups and industry leaders
  • Access to proprietary reports and research and analysis
  • Access to private events, workshops, webinars
  • Custom roadmap, timeline, and tech stack rollouts
  • Introductions to the right company solutions

The name of the game right now is speed-to-market – and XR Ignite is enterprise-grade rocket fuel. Our mission is to hyper-accelerate XR for business and education by connecting the best XR companies in the world with global enterprises and markets. (Because we really love what we do, you can also experience our XR Ignite presentation in Virtual & Augmented Reality here.)

In addition to the Hyper-Accelerator, we are also starting the XR Ignite Community Hub to connect vetted XR companies with enterprise customers in all areas of the globe, including Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, London, and Dubai.

The XR Ignite program is open to enterprise clients and XR startups including those developing virtual, augmented & mixed reality, computer vision, machine learning, photogrammetry, 3D models, spatial computing, spatial audio, haptics, game engines and tools. When you factor in the expected economic impact of XR technologies, these technologies will create over $1 trillion of new business value in the next 10 years.

XR Ignite’s board of esteemed advisors and mentors will select member companies to ensure the highest level of quality and potential collaboration. Candidates of the program can expect access to customers, mentors and talent with the goal of driving the entire industry forward. Corporate partners will have direct access to these vetted companies through a proprietary matching system.

You can learn more about our personal mission here: http://metavrse.com/


If you are interested in investing alongside XR Ignite in the most promising startups in the industry, feel free to connect with us here.