Our mission is to hyper-accelerate XR for business and education. To help realize this vision, we’re providing the XR industry with the tools, knowledge and connections to do business with corporate clients.

Over the next 10 years, more than $1T in value will be created by virtual, augmented, and mixed reality (XR). We are a highly specialized network, particularly focused on market-ready B2B SaaS XR products and platforms in retail, marketing, e-commerce, education, and training. XR Ignite features an intensive program aimed at taking the top XR startups in the world and providing the network, administration, marketing, and sales to take them from startup to scaleup fast.

Team & Advisors

Alan Smithson


MetaVRse CEO / XR for Business Podcast Host / TEDx Speaker / Top XR Influencer

Julie Smithson

Education & Training

Chief Education & Learning Officer at MetaVRse & XR Ignite / Producer of XR Collaboration / XR for Learning Podcast Host / TEDx Producer

Alex Colgan


VP Marketing at MetaVRse / Founder & CEO, Farflung Studio / Former Head of Marketing & Community at Leap Motion

Global Reach

Founded by the executive team at MetaVRse, a globally recognized and respected XR leader with extensive industry expertise in strategy and product development for Fortune 500 companies.

XR Industry Leaders

Founders lead VR/AR Association (VRARA) Toronto Chapter, Education & 5G Committees. They are founding members of the VRARA and OpenAR Cloud, members of the SXSW Pitch Advisory Board and IEEE Mixed Reality Ethics, judges for the Auggie Awards, Techstars and TKS mentors, and TedX speakers.

Massive Network

Unlimited access to top-tier talent with a huge network of over 35,000 XR researchers, developers, professionals, and enterprise clients.


Cross-disciplined team hyper-accelerate sales, marketing, strategy, and legal needs throughout the entire startup journey. XR Ignite prepares startups to do business with large companies.

Beyond Bootcamp

For select startups, our sales and marketing department drives sales through one central lead generation system for maximum efficiency.

Strategic Partners

By leveraging the power of networks, we have assembled the most incredible group of XR experts to help bring companies together faster. Over 50 world-class mentors offer insights, education, and connections to startups.

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XR for Business Podcast
XR for Business Podcast